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About Jarkko Vesiluoma…

Jarkko was born in Alahärmä 1979. Later his life took him to Ylihärmä and from there eventually to Vaasa. He graduated as a Software engineer (Programmer / Bachelors degree) from Seinäjoki Polytechnic. When studying, hes major study was programming. While studying he also studied image prosessing, 3D – graphics, video and image editing and was working as a 3D artist/programmer in Seinäjoki Polytechnic CAVE(tm) and he also teached 3D-graphics.

After graduating, he worked a while in Seinäjoki Polytechnic CAVE(tm). Later, he worked as a Software Engineer in Done Software Solutions Oy in Seinäjoki. While he was working there he coded ERP systems mostly with Progress 4GL/ABL (+.NET) and C/C++ – languages in Linux and Windows environments. After Done Software Solutions he worked as a System specialist at Anvia Oyj with ERP servers & systems, Oracle databases, Windows and Linux servers, WWW and Email servers & services among other things. By natural events in his life, he soon found himself as a system architect at Watson Nordic Ltd., where he currently works.

He is a constant learner and not afraid of new, difficult challenges. To keep his know-how sharpened, he is keen to always outdo himself by creating small projects that haven’t been done before.  Hes latest private projects have been Watson XBMC plugin for Anvias’ commercial streaming service, written in Python. He also tinkers with all technical stuff, coding programs and testing new technologies. He is also an autodidact photographer. His artistic endeavors include nature, event, portrait and macro photography. Nowdays he also hunts vulnerabilities in various bug bounty programs. Hobbies include all sort of hacker related stuff, among other things.

When you meet difficult challenges in life, you should not avoid them. How you handle them, is what eventually matters.
– Jarkko

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